Houston Area Cremations

Houston Area Cremations


and the surrounding counties:

Angleton – Brazoria County
Conroe – Montgomery County

Houston – Harris County

Richmond – Ft. Bend County


Our Services

Houston & Surrounding Counties Direct Cremation: $935.00



  • Removal of your loved one from the place of death in home, a Hospital, Nursing Home, Hospice Facility, or another funeral home.  If your loved one is at the Medical Examiner, there could be an additional $25.00 cremation permit fee.
  • Refrigeration in lieu of embalming
  • Alternative Container
  • Temporary urn
  • 2 Certified Death Certificates and mailing fee
  • Electronic arrangements to secure cremation authorization and other required documents


  • Other possible charges: Medical examiner cremation permit – $25; Mailing cremated remains – $95; Additional death certificates – $4 each (2 are included); if the loved one weighs 300-400 lbs the base fee increases to $1235.


What is a Direct Cremation? A cremation without viewing, of any kind, and/or without a funeral ceremony or rite, prior to the cremation. If you wish to have a viewing or funeral services prior to the cremation, please contact a Traditional Funeral Home to assist you with the arrangements.

What do I do in the event a loved one passes? If a loved one passes make sure that you provide the facility with our Name and Phone number. Once we are notified by the facility or by you, we will begin to take your loved one into our care. We will collect the necessary information to complete the cremation packet to be emailed to you. This should be completed within a few hours of our notification. Our cremation packet will have further instructions and time lines when you receive it.

How do I pay for the Cremation? We make this part easy. Once we have the total price for the cremation and death certificates we will send you an email with the total and a convenient way for you to pay with your credit or debit card. Payment must be secured before the cremation can be performed. Payment should be made when the email is received. We are not able to “hold” until money can be gathered.